Tricks and tips to download videos from Twitter, Vine, and YouTube on your Mac device

In a span between 2006 and 2015, the subscriber base of Twitter grew to the extent of 500 million, and it is rising further as the days are passing by. One of the most impressive features of the platform is that it allows the users to share photos, videos as well as text-based contents. Thus, this platform is a den for the videos. However, downloading and saving these videos is not that simple as it apparently looks like. Here are the tricks to simplify your hassles in this regard.

The steps to download in the Vine

In case, the desired video is lying at your Vine account, you should use the link to the video for downloading it directly from Twitter in MP4 format on your Mac device, using the PRO version of the Elmedia Player, Twitter video Downloader for Mac. Alternatively, such videos can be downloaded from the official website, directly. It implies, the step is extremely simple and you will require putting the minimum effort and time to complete these steps.

The comprehensive guide for downloading Twitter videos on Mac with Elmedia Player PRO

  • To start, you will have to download and install the Elmedia Player. You will be getting it for free.
  • Upgrade to the PRO version is necessary to have access to all the latest features of this Twitter video Downloader for Mac. This will require you an activation code that will be available to you, once you are purchasing the license.
  • On your Mac Device, you will have to visit the Twitter feed on which you made the installation.
  • You will have to explore the video that you would love to save and copy the link for the selected video and paste in on the player window.
  • You need to wait for some time for the download to start. Once it starts, you can play the video ins the Elmedia Player.

Likewise, even if you are aspiring to download videos from YouTube, you will definitely feel delighted to know that you will have to put the minimum effort and time to accomplish this aspiration. The process to download YouTube video is exactly the same as the process to download videos from the Vine Website. If you are using the PRO version of the Elmedia Player, you will be able to download the videos in the same format and quality of the original file. The Elmedia app will allow you to download Twitter videos in MP3 format on your Mac devices.