Standing Desk Advantages and Disadvantages

There has been a lot of talk, lately, about making the switch to a standing desk in the office. Sure, it is a big trend right now, but is it really something that everyone should do?  Well, from the looks of it, transitioning to a Primecables standing desk might seem to make a lot of sense—and it can—but it might be a good idea to look not only at the advantages but also at the potential disadvantages for using a standing desk.


The current research suggests that there are some excellent advantages to using a standing desk. These advantages include:

  • Standing for longer periods of time—more often and more consistently—can improve metabolism
  • Higher metabolism can lead to some weight loss
  • Standing for longer periods of time—more often and more consistently—can also improve circulation
  • Improved circulation can mean higher energy levels
  • When you stand, you are more attentive (higher brain acuity)
  • Some report that standing reduces back pain (typically because when you sit all day you tend to slouch more, and that is bad for your back)
  • Lower back pain improves posture which can lead to other health benefits, too


Now, with all those benefits, it might seem like the only argument is pro-standing desk.  Some people, though, have found that a stand up desk is no, in fact, their best option. With that, here are some potential disadvantages to a stand up desk:

  • Standing for consistently long periods can be hard on your feet and ankles; of course, they can also get stronger and more enduring over time, too
  • In addition, standing for very long periods of time can encourage you to develop varicose veins; but you can counteract this by simply finding time to move and sit throughout the day
  • You can use insoles and arch support to help your feet adjust, but that also means wearing tighter shoes, which can result in foot sweat that is uncomfortable
  • Standing at a desk involves different viewing angles so you will either need to mount a higher monitor or raise your laptop (or both)