Points to think of while hiring an SEO company

What do you do when you are trying to find some information about something? You tend to go online and do a Google search, right? Now, if you want to find SEO Company online – you go to Google and try searching. You might just find too many to even read through. You naturally, try calling up the first few firms on the page. You obviously assume that those on top must be good. But when you call them up, almost all of them would probably be giving you the same answers. So how do you decide which one is actually good?

Do not get carried away by the following –

  • If you find SEO Company online and they have a very good looking website; you naturally think that they must be good. But, this may not be the way to go about your decision. Just having a very top notch website does not talk about the quality of the SEO Company.
  • Just ranking number one on a search for a company in your local area doesn’t make them good. For all you know, they might be ranking number one as they are the first company in your area or they might be having an old domain.
  • Do not go by the size of the company. If they employ hundreds it doesn’t make them a good SEO Company. Bigger might not be always better. You might even find a simple guy working in his basement who’s very good. You never know! Do not assume or judge things by looks. You have to look beyond that and find SEO Company online which is just right for you.

How should you go about it?

Decide what your goal is – You need to first decide what you exactly need. Do you want reputation management, link removal, maybe just a one-time SEO, or an ongoing thing, PPC management, link building, content marketing or retargeting? If you are still confused think what job you want done – do you need a growth in sales or leads? Are you looking for rankings? You need to have a particular goal in mind when you engage an SEO firm. You need to know your goal and should be able to measure them; only then would you be successful.

Consult with several but keep it quiet- Once you have set your goal, you need to sit down with an SEO firm and talk it out with them. Ask them how they would help you out. Usually the first consultation is free with most firms. Once you have had a talk with them you would get a feel if they are what you want, whether you are comfortable with them and you would know how professional they are. Do the same with a few more firms and then make an informed decision. However, you do not have to let them know that you are shopping around.

References and case studies – The best way to find out if your SEO firm is good or not is by having a look at his previous cases and to go through their references.