Meeting your CRM goals with the best system CRM tools

CRM software may be one of the best solutions a company could invest in. It helps the pertinent departments manage with ease customer relations tasks, saving plenty of time when it comes to communication. Also, these products seem to have increased capabilities to transform a mediocre marketing strategy into a worthwhile strategy, while improving your sales efforts at the same time.  But these benefits emerge only if business owners manage to select the best software for their businesses. Every business has its own challenges, depending on the industry in which they activate in. This requires for different types of CRM tools, appropriate for each company and its necessities. Below is a list of some of the most fruitful CRM platforms that may help your company meet your CRM goals


Streak is the first CRM application that is supported and completely integrated into user’s Gmail account. The user will shortly observe that their Gmail inbox can now be used to simplify a multitude of tasks, from managing sales, to developing new products, scheduling their time, sharing documents, and other relevant tasks for a sales or marketing team. Highly appreciated is the application’s e-mail tracking feature, which lets the sender know when their e-mail was opened. This cuts from the action time parameters a lot, as many users have found. The product development feature integrated in the tool allows users to:

  • Structure the conversation – integrate the existing Gmail conversation that is already taking place when developing a new product and give it an easier flow by installing the Streak tool.
  • Intuitive design – the tool’s interface resembles spread-sheets, a design with which many users are already used to. Being a Gmail extension, the product simply improves, but doesn’t replace the existing features.
  • Create a hub – in which users can share conversations, e-mails and invite teams from different departments to take part in the conversation.
  • Create reports with ease – and these reports are usually more complex and complete than usual reports. The extension is able to identify bottlenecks in a project and help the project manager and their team to remove those in an easier manner.
  • Calculate parameters automatically – it allows the users to track data in real time and adapt their marketing and sales strategy in a more effective way.
  • Create realistic timetables and schedule – and even automatically send notifications and reminders to your teams.

The Streak extension also allows businesses to improve their sales strategy, monitor deal flows, and even support the HR department in the process of hiring new, capable employees. Another great thing about this app is that it’s flexible enough to be easy to adapt to all companies’ processes, without any trace of coding knowledge. Those interested in finding out more about the product can easily visit the official webpage at

PlanPlus is another CRM system vendor, established in 2006, and it offers solutions for both personal goals, and also for companies. The PlanPlus CRM software designed by the team is a versatile solution, with customizable design and features, appropriate for all kinds of business establishments. It allows the user to manage their contacts in an easy fashion, keep track of the relationship with them; it has integrated sales management options, it features some amazing workflow automation and a smart process engine feature. It also allows the user to synchronize their data with popular platforms such as Google. Business owners intrigued by this tool can find out more about it at the address This particular system CRM is featuring some intelligent functions that will help all business owners meet their customer relations goals, such as:

  • Manage sales opportunities, leads and reports;
  • Marketing automation;
  • Project management features;
  • Collaboration tools and group calendars;
  • Customize access to all important documents;
  • Build your company’s culture stamen, vision, values and goals;
  • Personal productivity features – each user has the possibility to track their accomplishments and goals;
  • Works wonderfully on all operating systems, even without Internet connection.


bpm’online is a CRM software vendor that claims to connect all the dots between marketing, sales and clients. And many back up these claims to be real. As many users found, this software product is designed in a flexible manner, easy to use by everybody, and easy to adapt to different circumstances, without coding knowledge. It allows the user to articulate the marketing strategy with the customer relation and sales ones, much easier than other similar products do. The product also offers increased levels of continuity to all the processes that may take place inside a business establishment, by integrating three different kinds of software. More information on the products is also available at the address:

  • The bpm’online Service tool is a process-driven system that allows marketing and customer relations teams and specialists to articulate their strategies and transform customer leads into sales. This sphere of the soft will deliver an accurate and extraordinary customer relationship experience for both the responsible departments, as well as for customers themselves. It has integrated request management features, problem management features, configuration management features, and several others. These all contribute to promote the processes developed in these departments with ease.
  • The bpm’online Sales tool enables the responsible departments to have complete control over the sales processes. Starting with lead management, and continuing with opportunity management, quote management, order and invoice management, this flexible tool allows business establishments to automate their internal processes in the sales department. The sales force automation tool incorporates intricate algorithms, but remains easy to use. This enables sales representatives to remain ahead of their competitors.
  • The bpm’online Marketing tool is a witty system that eliminates all redundant information, allowing the user to remain concentrated only on the relevant aspects of their jobs. With an accentuated social platform interface, the tool is easy to use and offers accentuated marketing automation features. The product offers a 360º view of the customer, offers marketing campaign opportunities and it offers a clear view of possible leads.

These three CRM solutions are some of the most popular available on the market currently. However, they only offer measurable results if each business establishment evaluates their necessities accurately and objectively.


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