Managing the account, ways to protect it from hacking

An account is an account, without which you will be deprived of the opportunity to play. On it each participant can contain up to fifty characters. The maximum number of them in individual worlds of the game should not be more than 10. If you need to make an order to boost wow for a character, you can go to to do this.

Creation of a member account in the game World of Warcraft occurs on the official site, where you get access to the general profile (BattleNet) and register it in Wow.

A very important point at registration is the indication of real player data. After all, if there is a need for its recovery (in case of theft), they can request scans of passport data. If they are incorrect, the account will be permanently lost along with all the data without the possibility of recovery.

The developer of the game World of Warcraft offers a trial (test) period for a trial game for 10 days, so you can create a profile for free. But for such accounts there are certain limitations in the game.

A huge tragedy for a player can be breaking a profile. After all, crackers usually remove characters, sell everything that was earned, and then the gold is transferred to other accounts. Recovery is a very time-consuming and lengthy process that takes months.

To protect your profile from hacking, you should carefully treat all letters containing suspicious links, which you are asked to go to receive a gift or something else. The correct links belonging to the site, not the scammers, are as follows:


Another way to protect against hacking is to manually enter the address, rather than the transfer of the parcel indicated in the letter.

To sell the account you need a clear and thorough description. Adding screenshots of characters will speed up the process. Information about this can be found on special websites. But it should be noted that the sale of accounts is prohibited. It can lead to a prolonged lock without the possibility of recovering it.

If you are tired of playing in World of Warcraft, you can completely delete your account by contacting the support team.

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