Is Document Imaging BETTER than Document Storage?

When you contact a document storage company, the customer service executive asks you whether you want your documents to be stored, scrapped or imaged. Yes – these are three different things and three different kinds of services provided to you by document storage companies. If you want to contact such a company, you should be prepared with an answer. Of course good companies have helpful customer service executives who provide you with all the answers that you need, but if you do your homework, you save a lot of your time.

Don’t worry if you have no idea about the three mentioned services; I am going to clear the concepts right here right now.

Let us begin with document storage – in this service, your documents are picked up from your location, kept safe in tight boxes, sealed, numbered, labeled, sprayed with pesticides and kept in rooms that have temperature controlling facilities. If you want your documents to be stored for a long period of time and you have no space at work, you can take this service and keep your documents safe with the company for as long as you want. Whenever you want your documents, the company brings it to you at once.

When it comes to document scrapping, you giveaway all the unnecessary documents that you have at work. If you think there are certain documents that are of no use to you, your company or anyone at work, you can call such a service providing firm, ask their team members to drop into your office, grab the documents and scrap them for good. This way, you clean your office and keep the floor safe from being piled up with documents that do no good to you anymore.

Last, but the most important, is the document imagining service. In this service, your documents are taken and scanned into computers. This means even if you lose the papers that you once had, you have scanned copies for your reference.

Now the question is – is document imaging better than document storage?

To be honest, it all depends upon what you want from the documents lying on the floor of your office or cabin. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on keeping the documents stored in boxes, you can have them scanned into computers and stored as well.