How to Train Your Employees on a New Learning Management System

When you’re looking to improve your business and the level of productivity of your team each day, a new learning management system can make it easier to work quickly. Although the new system can benefit each team member, it can also take time to learn. If you want to have success with training your employees on a new learning management system LMS, there are a few essential steps to take.

Create a Tutorial

Creating a tutorial that walks the employees through each step of the new system can allow them to have a better grasp on the software. Consider creating a video that explains the features and tasks that can be performed to ensure that the employees can learn quickly without having to set up one-on-one meetings.

Use Online Training

Online training software, like that offered by CourseForce, is an option if your team is spread across the country and located in different regions. The training is affordable and can make it easier to train more people in a shorter amount of time. You can also get feedback about the systems to determine if more training is needed or if your staff doesn’t find a particular part of the new learning management system LMS efficient.

Define Your Goals

Define clear objectives for your team to help them understand the purpose of the new system. Clearly defined objects prevent them from viewing it as a waste of time. Provide them with individual goals to ensure that they can become more comfortable with performing various tasks when it comes to recording, tracking, and collecting more data. Consider writing down all the goals and posting them in a place that is visible to your employees as they begin to get more accustomed to using and learning the system.

Offer Role-Based Training

Role-based training will be effective in helping each individual benefit from the system based on job duties and responsibilities. Prepare separate training modules that are targeted toward their roles and demonstrate how they can use the software daily to ensure that the system is efficient and can be used long-term.

Training your employees on a new learning management system can require patience due to the amount of time that it requires. By knowing the right steps to take, however, you can help your employees feel more comfortable with the program, and you can help them benefit from it on a daily basis.