Five Things You Should Know About Cartridge Refill

Knowing about cartridge refill at major workplaces and important organizations becomes very handy as far as documentation and paperwork is concerned. Printing, Xerox and other such activities are some of the usual processes that take place on a daily basis.

Here are five important things that you must know about cartridge refill:

  • Do Not Keep the Ink Exposed: The ink cartridges, if exposed to oxygen for a longer duration of time, get dried up. This happens irrespective of whether the printer is switched on or off. The standby mode of cartridges keeps the cartridges absolutely air tight, but it is wise to turn it off when it is not in use. For instance, if you use HP Ink at, then make sure that you keep the device powered off before you remove the plug to prevent it from drying.
  • Maintenance: It is very important to keep the nozzles clear and this can be done by recharging the printer cycles. The ink has to be properly burned every time a command is performed. The command forces the nozzle to print on the paper. This will help the nozzles to last longer. Therefore, you need to ensure that you keep recharging the printer cycles.
  • Quality Might Not Be Like the Original Cartridge: It is a very difficult and time consuming task to refill a cartridge properly. Although filling a cartridge is way cheaper than purchasing a new one, the colors in a refilled cartridge aren’t as bright as that of a new cartridge. Therefore, quality might not be like the original cartridge.
  • Refilled Cartridges Don’t Last As Long As New Ones: New cartridges are filled by proper machines in a company environment that is specifically designed to fill and package the cartridges. The ink filled in those cartridges lasts way longer than refilled cartridges. Therefore, refilled cartridges don’t last as long as new ones.
  • Each Printer Has Different Cartridge Refill: Cartridges have same color combinations, but each printer has different cartridge refill. This means that cartridges of different printers have different levels of different colors. Therefore, make sure to check your printer’s specifications before attempting a cartridge refill.

As cartridges are used up in no time during office hours, it is important to keep spares handy and send the original cartridges for refilling. Refilling usually takes time. Therefore, it is important to know these five things or else your work might be hindered.