AT & T vs. Verizon vs. T-Mobile vs. Sprint: Which one best suited to you?

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We will help you avoid having to read the fine print and the confusion that comes with choosing a new wireless plan. You have done your homework and you know which new cell phone you want to buy, but now you realize that choosing a wireless plan is not easy. Which plan is the most affordable? How much are the additional lines worth? Should I select a prepaid or postpaid plan? Here we are to answer those questions and others.

Which telephone has the cheapest plans?

All operators offer voice calls and text messaging unlimited, then your decision will be based on the cost of the data. Unfortunately, there is no comparison of apples to apples. The data plans of AT & T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon are all a bit different.

I tried to compare the plans of each operator, with the exception of T-Mobile, during a period of two years. The final price includes the fees for the activation of each line, the fees for access, the cost of paying in installments a cell phone worth US $ 649 (such as a Google Pixel or iPhone 7 of 32GB) and a monthly data plan for a period 24 hours This analysis does not include taxes, surcharges and other fees.

Are prepaid plans better than postpaid plans?

Everything depends on the operator. We have studied the postpaid plans, when the user pays at the end of the month. The prepaid plans are also monthly but are paid in advance and do not include in contract.

What makes the prepaid plans cheaper is that users are not charged the monthly access fee, which for a period of two years can add up to US $ 600 in a postpaid plan. Instead, phone companies charge more for the data.

Prepaid plans from AT & T and T-Mobile will save you money from postpaid plans. The cost of Verizon’s prepaid plan is almost equal to that of postpaid, and Sprint’s postpaid plans are much cheaper than prepaid plans.

The problem for some people is that each month they need to renew their data plan. That being said, there are AutoPay options. Another thing to take into consideration is the lack of a family plan, that is, to add additional lines. In addition, available cell phones are limited, in some cases, to older devices.Want to know more ? Click here !