5 Frequently Asked Questions about Video Surveillance

Technology is developing day by day and advancements are happening in all gadgets. The video surveillance systems are not an exception to this category. The video surveillance system manufacturers are working relentlessly to keep bringing out innovative products that can provide enhanced security.


There were some preconceived notions that products made in China are not up to the standard, but Hikvision, a Chinese company has rubbished all such notions by its innovative products. Their products are world-class and thus approved by the government too. As rapid advancements are happening in this field, many people don’t understand how things work and have several doubts in mind about video surveillance.

Here are the 5 most frequently asked questions about video surveillance and answers to the same.

Where Does the Video Go?

Many people wonder how come in spite of working 24X7 the storage capacity of security cameras doesn’t get full. Where exactly does the data go?

The recordings for up to four weeks can be stored on a traditional DVR or you can also opt for cloud storage facilities to store huge amount of data by paying a little extra to the service provider.

 Can I See the Video Clips on My Phone?

Most of the people don’t have time to sit in front of the system in order to see the recorded videos. With the help of remote video access, you can log in and can easily see the live video on your smartphone. You can get video notification on your smartphone if the motion sensors go off provided your phone is connected to the surveillance camera.

What Type of Coverage Can I Get?

There are different types of cameras, which work depending on the application. According to the requirement and budget, the coverage area can be decided. They are equipped with detector chips, which can capture images perfectly even on a dark night.

Will the Employees Feel Strange about Being on Camera All the Time?

Gone are the days when supervisors used to supervise at work station. Nowadays, security cameras are very common and most of the employees expect their company to have such systems installed. In fact, they appreciate that they are working in a well-organised firm.

Where Can Surveillance Cameras Be Placed?

This is one of the common questions that every buyer asks before buying. There are different sized surveillance cameras available in the market. They can be installed anywhere according to the requirement right from a ceiling corner to a roof edge or even on a tree.

Before making a final decision on installing video surveillance security cameras, it is better to have complete knowledge and if possible do a market survey regarding the same.